Audi Robbins Auto Top, LLC
Item No. Year Description Approx. Install_Hours Bow Height Approx. Weight_(Lbs)
†3200C   1992-98 Audi Cabriolet Top. Rainguards above door glass. Fits Manual and Power Top Frames. Made with clear plastic window as original. Green tint is available for special order at. no additional charge. 8.0 (D.W.)*11
HLM3200   1992-98 Audi Cabriolet Headliner w/sewn in retainers w/sewn in retainers, fits Manual top only. 4.0 6
HLP3200   1992-98 Audi Cabriolet TopHeadliner w/sewn in retainers w/sewn in retainers, fits Power top only. 4.0 6
Original Topping: 1992-95 Cabriolet; Black, Blue and discontinued colors Sonnenland German Cloth with Black Dobby backing. 1996-1998 Cabriolet: Black, Blue, Red (discontinued) Haartz Twillfast Cloth w/Black Dobby backing.    
†3201C 2003-09 Audi A4, S4 Cabriolet Top with Heated Rear Glass, with PermaLok™ Window Bond. Made with original style extrusions and retainers to assist installation. Original German listing zippers to attach top to original pad. Top fits to original headliner using OEM style metal brackets around the rear window. Headliner not supplied. 8.0 (D.W.)*18
CAUTION: The design of the Audi A4 top and frame assembly may cause abrasion damage to the topping over time; that in extreme cases could result in cuts or holes in tops. Robbins cannot be held responsible for any damage to our products caused by the problems described above.    
Original Topping: 2003-08 A4, S4 Cabriolet: Black, Blue, Marine-Blue, Bordeaux, Jive Sonnenland A5 German Cloth on Black Polyester Dobby backing. 2009: Same colors, made in Sonnenland A5B/DS.

Sonnenland A5B/DS is a "high-level acoustic" multi-layer material, which we offer in select colors (currently Black, Marine Blue, Bordeaux.).
†3220C 2000-06

Audi TT Roadster Top with Heated Rear Glass. Fits first generation Audi TT Only. Rainguards above door glass, Original style plastic extrusion sewn to the rear of the top at the body rail.
*Add 2 hours if removing and re-installing the rain rail—See caution below.
(Rain rail R&I time, when not replacing the top, is approx. 3½ hours).

*7.0 (D.W.)*11

Original Topping: 2000-06 TT Roadster: Black, Blue, Euro Green Haartz Twillfast Cloth with Black Dobby backing.

CAUTION: Audi TT factory original Rain Rail bond dries and becomes brittle over time, which eventually leads to failure. Rain rail bond failure will result in severe damage to the vehicle's electrical system upon water penetration. Although rain rail removal is not a 'required' step in replacing the convertible top, it is recommended that it be removed and securely reattached to the interior body at this time, to help the car owner avoid costly electrical system repairs.    

† Included in Cloth Top Drop-Ship Program (USA Jobbers only).
(D.W.)* Dimensional Weight (greater than shown) may apply. Actual Weight (lbs.) is shown.