Ford Escort
Ford Escort Robbins Auto Top, LLC
Item No. Year Description Approx. Install_Hours Bow Height Approx. Weight_(Lbs)
2550 1983-*91 Ford Escort Top. Fits to factory glass rear window. Cable at rear. 6.0 8
950L 1983-*91 Ford Escort Headliner. Made with Heatsealed seams as original.
*2550 and 950L fit models produced 1983 through August 1991.
2551 *1991-97 Ford Escort Top. Original style extrusions and heat-sealed quarters. Fits to Factory Glass rear window. No cable at rear.
951L *1991-97 Ford Escort Headliner. Factory extrusions must be sewn onto headliner. *2551 and 951L fit models produced beginning September 1991.
Original Topping for 2550 and 2551: Black, Blue, Red and White Escort Grain Grain German Vinyl.
Original Topping for 950L and 951L Headliner: Black and orWhite (Crater Grain) Vinyl.