Nissan   Robbins Auto Top, LLC
Item No. Year Description Approx. Install_Hours Bow Height Approx. Weight_(Lbs)
2130CPC   1992-94 Nissan 240SX Top. A.S.C. Top, Combo. No rear extrusion. Must use rear bow tackstrip insert (supplied).. Plastic curtain made with original style plastic extrusion into which steel stiffener rod from original curtain must be inserted. 6.0   11
HL2130   1992-94 Nissan 240SX Headliner (VLR BLK) Made as original with plastic extrusions.     6
2140C   1993-96 Nissan 300ZX Top. A.S.C. Made with 3 plastic windows trimmed with piping as original. No guarantee against water leakage or damage caused by top frame. 6.0   7
Original Topping for 2130C, PC2130 and 2140C: Black/Black Haartz Stayfast Cloth.      
2004-09 Nissan 350Z Top. Made with heated glass PermaLok™ bonded into top, No blakc bzel around glass. Original style die cut plastic retainers and reinforcement pieces, No rear velcro pad-strip (Nissan eliminated in later models). Must replace front elastic bow straps with included revised straps, or purchase two of Nissan's OEM strap kit # 97150-CE01B from a Nissan parts dealer. See notice below. 7.0   (D.W.)*28
2151C   2010-13 Nissan 370Z Top. Made with heated glass PermaLok™ bonded into top. Original style plastic retainers and reinforcement pieces.      

Original Topping for 2150: Black/Black, Blue/Black Twill Grain PVC. Black is the same in appearance as our HV BKB vinyl. HV is not offered in blue. Upgrading to Stayfast cloth is the best alternative.
Original Topping for 2151C: Black/Black, Dark-Cherry/Black (not available) Haartz Stayfast Cloth.

NOTICE: Nissan has issued multiple TSB's (Technical Service Bulletins) to address known issues with 350Z convertible tops. Robbins is not responsible for problems resulting from vehicle design flaws. Some of the TSB numbers are: NTB03-104A, NTB03-122, NTB03-121, NTB03-120, NTB08-100.
(TSB # NTB08-100 regarding "Top does not fully open" calls for replacing elastic bow straps. In our experience this has not fixed the problem. We have observed this problem most frequently in 2004 models; however, not limited to 2004)

# Installation of Top and Rear Window (or Headliner)
(D.W.)* USA Dimensional Weight (greater than shown) may apply. Actual Weight shown in Lbs.