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Thank you for purchasing a Robbins product. Product registration simply creates an ownership record. Please take a few moments to register your new purchase.

Privacy Statement:

We respect your right to privacy. This statement discloses the privacy practices of Robbins Auto Top LLC, with regard to Product Registration.

We collect personal information about Robbins product users only during product registration. We do not use cookie technology to track your movements. The information we collect is solely for product registration, which may be used to assist you should you require technical or warranty support. Product registration is completely voluntary and declining to register will not diminish your limited warranty coverage. Always retain your receipts of purchase and installation, as they will be required in the unlikely event that you have to file a warranty claim.

The personal information you provide [name, address, age, etc.] helps us to better understand our customer base, and is not sold or given out for the purpose of marketing. Should this change in the future, your information will not be given out to third parties without your permission.


All data is stored in a highly secure, firewalled, database. It is not accessible to any unauthorized parties. This means that your information is kept safe, and may only be disclosed to third parties for the purpose of providing warranty and/or technical support.

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