Renault / AMC
Robbins Auto Top, LLC
Item No.
Approx. Install
Bow Height
Approx. Weight
NOTICE: Early model years are not absolute and details on some cars have been changed by their owners. If you need help selecting the correct product per application, you may provide us with the chassis number and detailed photos of the vehicle.
Robbins products are manufactured to replace OEM parts for each make and model. We do not offer products for custom or replica vehicles.
2300 1959-62 Renault Caravelle Top. Mounts at rear to rail below body. 1 Plastic Window. 
6.0   8
2301 1962-64 Renault Caravelle Top. One-piece top with 1 plastic rear window. Existing rear mounting bar attaches to body with screws. 6.0   8
2302 1964-68 Renault Caravelle Top and Plastic Rear Window. Two-piece top.. Rear mounting bar attaches to body with 2 clips. 1 Plastic Window. Headliner not supplied. 6.0 22¾ 8
Original Topping for 2300, 2301 and 2302: Black Pinpoint Grain vinyl    
4301 1985-87 AMC-Renault Alliance Top Only. Two-piece quarters, as original, black accent strips and black header bow strip for tops made in white or colors. Pre-drilled alignment and bolt holes.  6.0 22¾ 9
4302 1985-87 AMC-Renault Alliance Top Only. Non-original one-piece quarters, no black accent or header bow strips. Pre-drilled alignment and bolt holes. 6.0 22¾ 9
PC4301 1985-87 Plastic Window for 4301 and 4302 Tops. Zipper, bottom color trim. 8.0#   4
Original Topping for 4301 and 4302: Black (Discontinued Diamond White and Tan) Double Texture vinyl.      

# Installation of Top and rear Window or Headliner