Robbins Auto Top, LLC
Item No.
Approx. Install
Bow Height
Approx. Weight
2249 1992-98 Rover 214, 216 Complete Top with Plastic Window. Made with original style embossed stitch, heat-sealed quarters. 2249 fits models built from May 1992-98. Headliner not supplied.  10.0   12
2250 1992-98 Rover 214, 216 Top Only. Made with original style embossed stitch, heat-sealed quarters. 2250 fits models built from May 1992-98. Headliner not supplied. 8.0   7
PC2250 1992-98 Replacement Plastic Window Only, for 2249 top. Also fits with 2250 Top. Made with original style gray vinyl lining, zipper at top, and binding at bottom. 10.0#   4
915L 1992-98 Rover 214, 216 Headliner (HL GRY). 10.0#   5
Original Topping for 2249, 2250: Black/Black, Light Brown/White, Gray/Gray Rover grain Vinyl. 915L Headliner: Light Gray vinyl.
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# Installation of Top and rear Window or Headliner