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I generally don't contact suppliers concerning their products, but I felt that I need to let you all know about your product. I ordered the Robbins top through and the product arrived very well packaged. All the parts were included as stated, but the real surprise was the ease of installation. I have never installed a convertible top, but I figured that with a little patience and attention to the details, it couldn't be all that much of a problem. I was not mistaken. The instructions included with the top were very concise and the photos explained anything that was close to a problem.

I realize that it is a difficult to manufacture a product that must fit different years of a car model, but your product certainly fills the bill! The only problems I encountered with the installation was my rather large size working inside a rather small space. A Miata doesn't have much room when installing the rain rail! Big butt, fat hands, 10 mm hardware and tight spaces require a dose or two of Aleve.

The final step of latching the top (during a sunny day) brought a real satisfaction to me and a very broad smile to my wife - it's her car. Now my wife, Carol, can see out the back window, the top has no holes and it fits like it was sprayed on - no wrinkles at all!

Thanks again for such a fine product!
Doug Duffield

Dear Mr. Robbins:

The other day I called your company to complain that the windows on my convertible top for my 1972 S-4 Lotus Élan Sprint had turned opaque. I was wondered if they were still covered by the warranty. I must have sounded too serious because Veronica Lopez forwarded me to Scott Owen. Of course the first question he asked was; ‘when did I purchase it?’ I said I had the original receipt for $89.00, dated June 12, 1976. I only got 31 years of service out of it and could you put new windows in since the top material was in near perfect condition. Of course I was just kidding; the real purpose was to find out if the top was still in production. I have since ordered a new top and boot through Robbins reseller and they should arrive in about two weeks.

I was glad to see that you still produced them. The top has lived most of its life outside and really is in good shape. It goes to show you, American made products are made extremely well. Keep doing what you’re doing because you make a great product. I’ve enclosed a copy of the receipt and photo of the top to pass around at lunch and share with your employees who make these excellent tops.

Sincerely yours,
James Santangelo

P.S. Are you sure the warranty wasn’t for 35 years. Ha! Ha!

Regarding Nash Metropolitain Top
"We have a beautiful Met (Nash Metropolitan) now with a canvas tan top that fits and looks Great". "We will be highly recommending Robbins convertible tops"

God Bless!
Mr. and Mrs. Zimmerman

Dear Robbins:
Thank you for helping me obtain a great fitting top for my Alfa Roundtail Spider (1750, year: 1969) the top fits perfectly. This car has been almost seven years in the restoration process, so the fit of the top is critical to the finished look of the car. We are contemplating entering the Alfa in a judged concours this coming year, perhaps somewhere on the West Coast. Who knows, we might even get to the Italian Concours at Monterey!

Best Regards,
D. Sinnott, Calgary, Alberta

Dear Scott (Tech Support):
Thank you so much for helping to solve my problem in finally getting the right tonneau cover for my car. YOU are the first in a long line of corporate quick to solves, company answer men, distributor parts house gurus, and a long list of other nay sayers that took the time to listen to my problem and then step up and help me. THANK YOU AND ROBBINS so much!

B. Kuss, Athens, GA

Dear Tony,
I have just received the Robbins top here in Italy. Many thanks for making the arrangements, and besides, I would like to thank you and your company for the efficient and professional approach, and last but not least, the kind and personal touch. 'Til the next purchase.

Kindest regards,
S.A. Murena, Roma S.p.A

Saw your ad in the auto trim and restyling magazine and was wondering about getting one of your "topless" shirts as I recently had my top replaced on my 1998 Camero. It was a white vinyl and now it's a black cloth and looks beautiful, and the water just beads up on it. I am an F-16 crew chief and have a great picture of it parked next to a F-16!

- Rick Solots, Mississippi Air National Geuard